Many animal products vary in weight from piece to piece. If you sell product/s with Catch Weight you will have to price them in a specific way in your FreshSpoke Shop in order to work with our automated system.

Example: You are selling whole chickens and you sell them for $3.75/lb. and they usually weigh between 5-7 lbs.

You have 3 options to properly price this product:

1. You can price them by the average weight of the final product. In this case that would be $22.50 ($3.75 x 6 lbs.) and then explain clearly in the product description that the weight may vary and a price change might be the result. If you are notified that this product has been purchased but at that moment you only have 7 lbs. chickens available you can notify FreshSpoke and we will adjust the price manually and notify buyers of the price change. You can state the price/lb. in the product description as well.

2. Add multiple variations of the product to account for weight fluctuation. When you are filling out a product profile you can add product variation/s.

You can create a new variation for every available weight. You can submit a 5 lbs. ($18.75) chicken, a 5.5 lbs. ($20.65) chicken, a 6 lbs. ($22.50), etc. Buyers will see the multiple variation of your product profile and can choose whichever one works for them.

3. You can sell the product as a package with a fixed price. For instance many of our producers have chosen to sell their product in a 'box' . You could for example sell a 50 lbs. ($187.50) box and bundle 50 lbs. of variously weighted pieces.